SEO For Financial Services Firms

Everything You Ought to Know About SEO For Financial Services Firms

Let’s get this outta the way…

Yes, you should have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan and strategy...Because…

All of the data around new client acquisition in financial services supports it. You don’t need to believe me…there is plenty of evidence.

I Believe...Evidence Demands a Verdict...

The Evidence

In the 2022 Report by Michael Kitces titled How Financial Planners Actually Market Their Services…the research concluded some eye-opening facts about SEO as it relates to new client acquisition in financial services.

After researching and collecting data from over 1,000 firms, this was their conclusion about SEO:

“The most efficient marketing tactics are not always the most popular… Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for example, ranked first of all tactics in terms of the highest return in new client revenue versus the cost to implement, yet SEO was deployed by just 29% of practices. Drip marketing, the second-most efficient tactic, was used by only 20% of practices.

In another post I will go over best practices for drip marketing and a service we offer where all of your drip marketing is done for you by a team of experts…this is important because it has the second highest ROI in terms of client acquisition efforts…THAT MEANS that it beats referrals, networking, seminars, and centers of influence.

The opportunity is wide open…BECAUSE ONLY:

29% of firms use SEO and it has the highest ROI out of any client acquisition activity.
20% of firms use drip marketing and it has the second highest ROI of any client acquisition activity.

I am not going to talk technically about SEO…

I am not going to talk about meta tags, hrefs, backlinks, long tail keywords, keyword density or any of that stuff.

I recently received an article from a well known startup platform in the fintech space that was 3,000+ words and read like an “SEO How To Guide” for web developers.

The problem was, it was sent to, and intended for financial advisors, planners and firm leaders.

Total failure in my opinion…you can disagree if you want to.

You can tell me I’m wrong and you “got so much value out of it”.

SEO is not a DIY thing...You can do it, but should you?

This is what we can do, if you can DIY it better...You should DIY it.

For one of our clients 5 months after starting:

  • We increased search traffic by 73%

  • We increased new users on site by 74%

  • We increased search sessions by 72%


All without paid ads.

All without our client having to figure out the inner workings of google.

All without trying to figure out all the tech stuff.

This Is How We Do The Work

A Nerdy View Of SEO Behind The Scenes and Client Expectations

"DO NOT DIY your SEO."

You might say the same thing to the DIY investors out there…Don't DIY your Wealth Management, Retirement, Etc...Same idea.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies on their SEO strategy and in one test we ran…on just one page of this multi billion dollar company's website…within a week, we were able to rank their page higher than the organic branded search for their biggest competitor.

To understand what the case study above means.

Imagine a prospect of yours typed in your biggest competitor's name in google and instead of their website showing up…your’s did.

Yes, there were high fives and celebrations…they called us “rock stars” and all of that.


How To Make SEO Work for Your Firm and Increase Your Traffic, Leads, Appointments and New Clients.

Our strategy consists of technical, organic, and local SEO, plus content marketing and marketing automation. There are many agencies that offer these services, but no one does them like we do.

Are we the best out there?

We might be…certainly in the financial services industry…ain’t nobody holding a candle to what we can do.

How are we different?

Most agencies say that they offer SEO, but they really don’t know the true ins-and-outs of the skill. Keeping up with what Google wants is more than a full-time job and very few people put in the proper effort. They do just enough to be able to sell you “SEO”.

The Verdict...

If you want the highest performing marketing strategy in financial need an SEO plan and a team that will implement it so you can get more clients and growth.

Only 29% of firms are using SEO to market their firms but in terms of generates the highest ROI...even better than referrals.

If you would like some help developing and implementing an SEO Strategy...

We help our clients with an end-to-end client acquisition strategy that has been proven to win new business consistently using SEO, email marketing, podcasting, and a social media plan and system without you having to do all the work.  

Most of our clients spend less than 5 hours per month and rely on us for the rest of the heavy lifting so they can focus on bringing on new clients and serving the ones they have.